Benefits of greeNsort®

Get huge money, time, hardware, energy and CO2 savings by switching to lean greeNsort® algorithms.

Why using greeNsort®?

Elementary building blocks of computing are far from being perfect. They waste lots of memory. They waste unnecessary operations in nearly every step.

How does greeNsort® work?

greeNsort® makes computing smart again: by using less memory and removing these unnecessary operations you obtain the same results faster.

greeNsort® is risk-free, quick and cheap!

greeNsort® has successfully developed sustainable algorithms over the last 10 years. A relevant fraction of the greeNsort® savings can be realized just by pluging-in these algorithms into the central sorting libraries of the 15 most important programming languages.

greeNsort® provides huge savings!

The annual worldwide savings potential of greeNsort® algorithms is 51.3 TWh resp. 30.3 MtCO2e, this corresponds to 4.3 large-scale power plants1 or a public value of 7.1 Billion EUR.2

greeNsort® needs sponsoring!

If you are a government, foundation or private philanthropic sponsor looking for a climate-protection-investment-opportunity with an extremely good ROI: please see Next Steps

  1. 12 TWh/year is the average size of a Nuclear Power Station↩︎

  2. The combined value of electricity and cost of greenhouse gas based on projections of the Lean ICT Report March 2019↩︎


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