But you seem to be celebrating the fact that nobody writes technical CS history at all anymore. — Donald Knuth1

Computer scientists have lost interest in preserving the intellectual heritage of their own discipline. — Thomas Haigh2

2021 September: Partial sorting

The advantages of *Zacksort and *Zucksort over *Quicksort2 have been transferred to partial sorting (*Zackpartial and *Zuckpartial over *Quickpartial). *Zackselect and *Zuckselect over *Quickselect exists since 2016. Furthermore the sections economics, funding, politics are newly organized.

2021 April: Measurements added

Multithreaded energy-measurements have been added to the results section and new subsection on funding and attracting talent and this news section added.

2021 March: Multithreaded Quicksort

Multithreading of same quality has been implemented forQuicksort2.

2021 February: Multithreaded Frogsorts

Fully balanced multithreaded Divide and multithreaded Conquer has been implemented for Mergesort, Frogsort0, Frogsort1, Frogsort2 and Frogsort3.

2020 November: Languages & actions

Some important programming languages have been analyzed and the actions section has been added.

2020 October: Bi-directionally adaptive algorithms

Octosort, Squidsort1 and Squidsort2 have been designed, implemented, measured and compared against Timsort.

2020 July: Glossary added

The glossary went online.

2020 May: Website launch

Launch of this website.

2019 - 2020: Measurement and documentation

Measuring timing and footprint, measuring energy and efootprint, vignettes and website preparation.

2016 - 2018: Narrowing the solution space

Final terminology, final testbed, standardized re-implementations.

2012 - 2015: Widening the solution space

Literature review, many experimental implementations, internal technical report, terminology shaping

2011: Project launch

Leaving McKinsey, ensure time budgets, secure logo and word mark, writing first paper shared with a trusted party.

2010: Initial idea

First Frogsort0 prototype (originally named ‘Stabsort’).

  1. Let’s Not Dumb Down the History of Computer Science, 2014 Kailath Lecture↩︎

  2. The Tears of Donald Knuth↩︎

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